Here’s How to Privately Contact MMA Media Watch

Do you have a story or tip we should investigate?

Your privacy and security are important to us.

Therefore, we ask that any sensitive email communications you have with us utilize our public PGP key, which can be retrieved here or on the right sidebar of every page on the site.

If you have files that you wish to share with us, but wish to do so anonymously and securely, we ask that you use OnionShare, a piece of software created by Micah Lee of The Intercept. Files shared using OnionShare are done so via a direct connection that is encrypted by the ultra-secure Tor platform. In plain talk, that means that anything you send us via OnionShare is completely secure and anonymous, and the download link and connection history is eliminated upon download completion. You may download OnionShare here, and usage instructions are here. If you need to use OnionShare to share with us, please email us using the public key below and let us know you’re transferring files.

You may contact us anonymously and securely using the Tor Messenger service.

If you have a general question not requiring security, you may reach us at or by leaving us a voicemail at 929.367.8719.